Curriculum For Waja Girls And Boys Secondary Schools

We offer both Ordinary level (Form I – IV) and Advanced level (Form V and VI)

Subjects offered at O’Level includes;

WAJA BOYS: (Compulsory Subjects)

Basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Civics, English, Kiswahili. However Computer Studies and Bible Knowledge are Optional Subjects.


All compulsory Subjects as above, except Computer Studies, Bible knowledge, Food and Nutrition are Optional.


Subject combinations at A – Level (Both Waja Boys and Waja Girls Secondary Schools)

PCM – Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics

PCB – Physics, Chemistry and Biology

PGM – Physics, Geography, Advanced Mathematics

CBG – Chemistry Biology and Geography

HGL – History, Geography and Language

HGK – History, Geography and Kiswahili

HGE – History, Geography and Economics

However Computer Studies is Optional.