For Waja Springs

Waja springs school gives the best standard services to its pupils. Services which are provided include;

  • Well constructed classrooms that facilitate good and conducive learning environment.
  • Meals that contain all qualities of a balanced diet prepared by well trained kitchen staff.
  • Good medical care that is offered by our hospital called Waja hospital
  • Well facilitated play grounds for football, netball, volley ball and basketball as well as a standard playground availed with playing equipments for nursery / pre-school.
  • Solar heater that provides warm water for bathing for all pupils.
  • Well constructed dormitories to cater for all pupils in the boarding section.
  • 10 school buses to offer transport for all day scholars. Three Big buses for study tours.
  • The school has its own water supply to cater for all pupils and workers.
  • Presence of grid electricity and a stand by generator to supply power in case of power break down.
  • A high level wall school fence


What we offer in Waja Girls & Boys

  1. Sizeable classrooms of thirty five students with enough furniture, and well ventilated classrooms. which make teaching and learning process easier.
  2. Presence of modern scientific laboratories which are well equipped with apparatus and chemicals.
  3. Library: A school has a well ventilated room with varieties of text and reference books for science, Arts and Social, Languages and story books.
  4. Computer Laboratory: This is a wide spared – room which enables students to learn   computer skills and literacy.
  5. Educational study tours: Students visit such areas as:
  • Serengeti / Ngorongoro National Parks
  • Speke Bay in Lake Victoria
  • Geita Gold Mine
  • Butiama & Bujora Museum
  • Mwanza Sekou Toure/Bugando Medical Center
  • Industries Eg (Coca-Cola Company, Tanesco)

Above all Qualified Personnel of degree level who are knowledgeable, committed, with a highly working spirit are employed.

6. Audio Visual Room.

In this room students learn through a video connection where varieties of CD’s.Video cassettes are used to teach the practical part of subjects A Sophisticated over head projector has made teaching and learning easier.

7.  Sports and Games: Students participate fully in sports and Games .Sports activities include:

  8.  In – door Games: Scrabble, Badminton, Jiving, choir, plays & concerts.

  9.  Out – door Games: Football, volleyball, Basketball, Netball (For Girls)

  10. School Time Table: Working Days: Monday to Friday.

  11. Timings:
      8:00am – 2:45pm: Normal classes
      3.30pm – 4.30pm: Students consultation time.
      Friday: Religious fellowship (Christian faith)
      Saturday: Sports & Games/ clubs Activities
      Sunday: Church service 10:00 am – 12:30pm